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Hi, I’m Isabella. ✨️

I’m a licensed educator and interdisciplinary artist navigating the intersection of literature and code. My work focuses on art, technology, and education — I teach topics such as design thinking and web development, and I create learning experiences such as coding workshops and interactive installations.

My artistic practice includes computational literature, mixed media, storytelling, creative coding, and exhibitions that address fundamental questions regarding the human condition (my favorite subjects being love and mortality). My work comes in various shapes and forms, from pretty random websites to interactive stories.

Currently, I work for the Creative Arts Department (Design & Innovation, Visual Arts) of the American School of Dubai. During a typical workweek, I hack hardware, teach students how to codeand build + destroy stuff in our school’s Makerspace.

When I’m not creating websites, mentoring students, and building pianos with random objects, you can find me writing about diversity in literature and new media to advocate underrepresented voices in classrooms and the publishing industry. Before moving to Dubai, I worked for various organizations that promote marginalized writers and stories, including the Global Migrant Festival, Ayesha Pande Literary, Postscript Magazine, and We Need Diverse Books. I was also a Dean's Fellow and Writers' Centre Associate at Yale-NUS in Singapore. 

If you’d like to have a chat about diasporic literature, magical realism, the multiverse and alternate realities, code poetry, the nuances of language and identity, video games with beautiful storylines, food politics, literary canons, Shakespearean insults, and/or my favorite dessert, contact me at ☺ 

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